Neurorecordings is a specialised publication of neurology cases with diagnoses based on images and videos.
In recent years, the image has become one of the main forms of diagnosis in neurology. When faced with an image, diagnoses often involve a number of difficulties since an image may correspond to several pathologies on completely different occasions.

Notebooks to help inform patients with degenerative diseases

One of the most important tools in communication is language. These books try to help patients with verbal and cognitive impairment and their families in their daily lives to make communication more effective and simple.

Non-verbal communication

Communication at home

Speech stimulation

Recognition test for neuro-degenerative diseases

The clock drawing test (CDT) is a screening instrument to examine cognitive deterioration in various neurological and psychiatric disorders1. It was introduced in 1953 for the assessment of constructive apraxia and was used in particular to detect vaso-constrictive disorders secondary to lesions of the parietal cortex2.

Montreal Evaluation Test (Moca)